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I’m a campaigner, advisor and athlete, passionate about increasing access to sport for women.


I've been ultrarunning for over 10 years, having signed up for Marathon des Sables before I'd ever run more than a mile. Since then, I've finished over 50 ultras, including Spartathlon (153 miles), UTMB (106 miles) and Spine Fusion (268 miles), with a few wins along the way. I’ve also represented Great Britain at the 24-Hour World Championships – not bad for the girl who came second to last during a one-mile run at school! 


In 2018, a picture of me breastfeeding my three-month-old baby at the 106-mile UTMB went viral around the world. I only took part in this event because I’d worked hard to earn my place and there wasn’t, at the time, a pregnancy deferral policy in place. This led to me setting up SheRACES, with a goal to educate races to be more inclusive to female athletes and take their needs into consideration. I started with pregnancy deferrals, given my own experience, and it’s grown since then. 


I decided to use my platform and experiences to make a positive impact. I want every woman and girl to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. To have the opportunity, ability and inspiration to take part in sport. And the freedom to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.

​I am also a Trustee of the research and insight charity, Women in Sport, as well as a speaker, writer and campaigner. My career has taken me from investment banking to private equity, from CFO of a global marketing agency to CEO of an environmental technology company I co-founded. I now sit on boards of growth companies, as well as consult for companies and brands who want to make the world a better place.


Some of my biggest events, titles and accomplishments:


  • Becoming the fastest woman to run the length or Ireland – find out more here

  • Representing Team GB at the IAU 24-Hour World Championships 2023 (1st GB runner and 19th female; 227km)


  • 24-hour PB at the Crawley A.I.M. Charity 24 Hour Race 2023 (1st female; 235km)


  • Running over 50 ultramarathons around the world, including Spartathlon, UTMB and 250km stage races from Nepal, to Bhutan and the Sahara


  • Woman of the Year 2023, Active Pregnancy Foundation


  • Regularly featured in the media, including covers


I was famously photographed racing at UTMB, a 106-mile mountain race, while breastfeeding my three-month old baby. I wanted to defer my place until I was fully fit, but while the organisation will defer places for injury, for them pregnancy was seen as a choice. Completing the UTMB was a dream for me, and having already lost a hard-won place when pregnant with my first son, I chose to race. Many women lose out on that opportunity.


Several race directors contacted me after my story went viral, saying they were embarrassed that they’d never thought about pregnancy – or even that women have different experiences of races to men. They wanted to know how they could improve their race and value female athletes equally to male. Many more women have contacted me sharing their experiences and asking for support in making race policies equitable. 

I founded SheRACES to ensure women have the same opportunities as men. Where races are designed through a female lens as well as a male one. Where we’re encouraged to participate, that our differences are taken into account, and our achievements are held in equal regard.


We’ve had some big wins so far, but there’s a lot of work to be done. Find out more using the quicklinks below.


I am passionate about the positive and transformative impact that sport can have on women and girls. It not only promotes our mental and physical health, but gives us important life skills, confidence and can bring communities together.  

Since I spoke to the press extensively about my journey, I have been on a mission to do what I can to help other women achieve their goals and become more active. To help other women have the same benefits I’m so grateful for. And to help girls find a sport they love and stay active – not miss out as I did as a child.

© Alexis Berg / Strava

My work at SheRACES supports this goal, giving me a platform to help support races to be more inclusive to female athletes, from first-time entrants right through to the elite field. We have already conducted a detailed study into women’s experiences at races, which have used to form a set of race guidelines for event directors to implement at their races. I’m also a Women in Sport trustee, a charity dedicated to securing change for women and girls in sports, as well as Ambassador for the Active Pregnancy Foundation.

I’m particularly interested in ensuring women have sport designed for us – with research carried out on women, at all stages of our lives from puberty to menopause. I also work with companies and brands to share positive stories of women in sport, as well as increase opportunities for them to participate. We need more role models for women and girls – of all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and from beginner to elite.  


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HOKA | The Journey from Pregnancy to Performance

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Enable Inclusion

Women's Day Campaign


HOKA | Time To Hear Me Roar



Women's Running Cover Feature



I’ve been asked to contribute my opinions and commissioned to write articles for some of the biggest newspapers and magazines in the running world, including Runner’s World and Women’s Running. I’ve also featured on numerous podcasts. See my Media page for some highlights.


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I speak at a large variety of events, from hosting the Ultra Stage at the National Running Show, to events and festivals around the country, as well as corporate events and schools. I speak on a wide range of topics, from my impact work with SheRACES and female insight and inclusion, to my 24 hour+ ultrarunning adventures, and wider themes on how to drive effective change, overcome adversity, succeed in challenges, find life balance and motherhood.

Please contact me for more information.



I'm based between Surrey and London, UK.


Please contact me at for media, brand, speaking or corporate work or for all SheRACES enquiries. 

For running advice please message me on instagram @ultra_sophie and I'll respond as soon as I can!

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