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I am passionate about the positive and transformative impact that sport can have on women and girls. It not only promotes our mental and physical health, but gives us important life skills, confidence and can bring communities together.  

Since I spoke to the press extensively about my journey I have been on a mission to do what I can to help other women achieve their goals and become more active.  To help other women have the same benefits I am so grateful for.  And to help girls find a sport they love and stay active - not miss out as I did as a child.

In doing this I have recently joined Women in Sport as a trustee - - more to follow on their work.  I am particularly interested in ensuring that women have sport designed for us - with research carried out on women, at all stages of our lives from puberty to menopause.  I am currently doing a course on female sports physiology and want to bring some of this insight to a wider audience.

I also work with companies and brands to share positive stories of women in sport as well as increase opportunities for them to participate.  We need more role models for women and girls - of all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and from beginner to elite.  

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Womens Running impact interview May 2020
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